let your magic lead the way

I believe there are two types of knowing: intellectual knowing and intuitive knowing. Intellectual knowing is accomplished by the brain through thinking processes like analysis, pattern recognition, and generalization, while intuitive knowing is more like the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Although the first kind of knowing can be learned or studied, it's never been the one I can depend on. Intuition has always saved the day over here. Listening to my heart, spending time in the inquiry...that has always been what's worked and I've learned to trust that. I'm learning to trust that continually. 

Our magic is something specific, something uniquely designed inside each of us. Something individualized because we are all just that special. It's something that continues to get unearthed as we dive into our interests, passions, desires, fears.  What is that for you? Whatever that is, start to listen to it. It's calling you. 

Start somewhere. While The Wiz may not exist, you do.

You do not need anyone to tell you what you intuitively know... xo

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