ignite your light

I love candles. I light one in my room every day. As I type these words from the bed, my gaze travels from my computer screen to a white candle that stands on my bookcase. I use it to express love and gratitude, to acknowledge those who came before me.

Even with this peace and clarity, at times I feel inundated. Consumed by a racket of thoughts each day. They vary from questions about our world to inquiries about self. I often wonder how we got here, how systems of oppression formed, how –isms formed. The ways of the world blow my mind. It does not compute.

And then on the flip side, I think of the miracles of each day. The lessons and the blessings that have moved generations forward. I often wonder what these lands looked like just 100 years ago. I reflect on the power of the mind and how thought becomes things. And how to use the gifts we’ve been given, the gifts I’ve been given.

Mind and spirit are two of the most powerful tools we’ve been given.

We thought ourselves to be.

Last night I attended a screening event for TIME: The Kalief Browder Story. If you are unaware of this story, please research it. I post about this series on Facebook weekly because it is equal parts riveting and heartbreaking. In the midst of the injustices occurring, what stands out to me is Kalief’s spirit. The strength and conviction to stand up for truth and shed light on what happens in the jail system. Throughout the series, Kalief mentions that all he wants is for his story to be heard. And despite his passing in the physical realm, he achieved that. His spirit lives on and I do believe change is being made. His life is not in vain.

As I look at my candle, the flame is moving all around. Even in the confines of a narrow glass jar, the flame struggles to find its steadiness. Even in that, it still burns bright.

I would venture to say that the candle represents us. This life experience is anything but steady. We witness injustice and hardship, we experience devastating blows, we feel the weight of the world on collective and individual levels, and yet we still keep going. Everyone’s ‘going’ is different but I am amazed at what we withstand on a day-to-day basis.

In the midst of it all, it’s important to stay ablaze. ‘This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.’ There is a flame inside all of us. I don't care how faint it is at this very moment…there is a flame that burns within each of us. There is something for you to give, to share, to do, to express to call your power forth. What has happened in your life experience to keep you from using your flame? Can it be transformed for healing?

What Are You Afraid to Want? This is a question I ask regularly and plan to explore with you. But one thing is clear, I get to get over myself and jump right into the fears because someone else needs what only I have to offer. And the same goes for you, someone needs you...

The world needs your flame. We need your magic. 

let's ignite each other,

kris xo

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